I am a Fellow Chartered Accountant with over 45 years experience in the professional accounting industry. I see myself now as more of a financial performance coach with particular expertise in profit generation, conflict management, small-business estate planning, small-business financial security management, agricultural industry consulting, SMSF planning and more recently independent board member. I have a huge interest in IT and its utilisation to achieve personal and business goals.

I am not your normal Chartered Accountant in that I normally work in a T-shirt and jeans with a virtual office. I outsource most of my bookkeeping/accounting and tried to avoid it like the plague. I am excited by assisting SME operators to achieve their personal, financial and estate goals through the experience I have gained in my professional life. Normally you would have to talk to at least two employees in a professional office before you get to talk to somebody with my expertise. My clients enjoy the fact that they can ring me directly on my mobile and get an answer almost immediately or at least within 24 hours if the question is more complicated and I have to research/outsource the query further. I am a general practitioner (not a specialist) however I have had enough experience to understand when a specialist is required. I’m 65 years old and this type of operation suits me down to the ground.

I am nearly at capacity so get on board while the opportunity exists.

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